Studies on COVID-19 Outbreaks

1. Publications:

Haoxuan Sun, Yumou Qiu, Han Yan, Yaxuan Huang, Yuru Zhu, Song Xi Chen Tracking and Predicting COVID-19 Epidemic in China Mainland medRxiv 2020.02.17.20024257; doi:

Haoxuan Sun, Yumou Qiu, Han Yan, Yaxuan Huang, Yuru Zhu, Jia Gu and Song Xi Chen, Tracking Reproductivity of COVID-19 Epidemic in China with Varying Coefficient SIR Model (with discussion), Journal of Data Science, 2020, 18 (3), 455–472.

Jia Gu, Han Yan, Ya Huang, Yu Zhu, Hao Sun, Xin Zhang, Yu Wang, Yumou Qiu, Song Chen,Better Strategies for Containing COVID-19 Epidemics --- A Study of 25 Countries via an Extended Varying Coefficient SEIR Model, medRxiv 2020.04.27.20081232; doi:

Jia Gu, Han Yan, Yaxuan Huang, Yuru Zhu, Haoxuan Sun, Yumou Qiu and SongXi Chen(2020). Comparing Containment Measures among Nations by Epidemiological Effects of COVID-19. National Science Review, to appear.

Yuru Zhu, Jia Gu, Yumou Qiu, And Song Xi Chen (2022) Estimating COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Rates Via Dynamic Epidemiological Models–A Study Of Ten Countries [pdf]

Yuru Zhu, Jia Gu, Yumou Qiu, and Song Xi Chen(2022) Real-World COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Rates against 1 Infection in the Delta and Omicron Eras [pdf]

2. International Reports

Apr 23rd International Report4月23日国际疫情报告

Apr 3rd International Report4月3日国际疫情报告

Mar 29th International Report 3月29日国际疫情报告

Mar 21st International Report3月20日国际疫情报告

Mar 16th International Report3月16日国际疫情报告

Mar 13 International Report



Mar 6th International Report  3月6日国际疫情报告

Mar 4th International Report3月4日国际疫情报告

3. Domestic Reports