A Workshop on Air Pollution, Climate Change and Statistical Analysis

Air pollution and climate change are two major environmental challenges for sustainable development in China and the world. Understanding and solving these problems requires integration of multiple perspectives and approaches to estimate emissions, observe and simulate pollution and climate change, and analyze impacts. Both physical and statistical models are crucial for such tasks. This one-day workshop provides an opportunity for experts with these various backgrounds to share ideas and develop multi-disciplinary studies of common interest. Scientists and students from all related fields are much welcome to join us at Peking University.

Conference Program

June 22, 2017

Building 2, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University


June 22, 2017  

Room K05


Registration                                Outside Room K05


Welcome Speech



Session 1

Chair: Songxi Chen, Peking   University




Donald J. Wuebbles, University   of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Climate Change and Air Quality: A Look at a Changing   World


Shu Tao, College of Urban and Environmental   Sciences, Peking University

Health and Climate Impacts of Rural Residential Energy   Transition in China


Coffee Break

Session 2 

Chair: Jintai Lin, Peking   University


Shenshen Li, Institute of   Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, CAS

Satellite Remote Sensing of China's Air Pollution


Hezhong Tian, Beijing Normal University

Multi-dimensional apportionment of clean air “parade   blue” phenomenon in Beijing---Effectiveness of temporary control measures for   lowering PM2.5 pollution in Beijing and the implications


Songxi Chen, Guanghua   School of Management, Peking University

Cautionary Tales for Air Quality Improvement in Beijing


Lunch                               B1, Guanghua   Guest House

Session   3  

Chair: Hui Huang, Peking   University


Xiaobin Xu, China   Meteorological Administration

Long-term measurements of surface ozone at remote and   rural sites in China


Jian Gao, China research academy of Environmental Sciences

Observational Study on Air Pollution   and PM Source Apportionment in China


Xueyan Zhao, Monash   University

 Environmental policy stringency and   industrial productivity growth: An varying coefficient cost function approach


Coffee Break

Session 4

Chair:Yundong Tu, Peking   University



Gang Huang, Institute of atmospheric physics, CAS

A New Index for the East Asian Summer Monsoon   Variability


Lin Zhang, School of   Physics, Peking University

Adjoint analysis of PM pollution over   North China



Jintai Lin, School of   Physics, Peking University

China and globalizing air pollution


Hui Huang, School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking   University

Regionalization of Air Pollutants Based on Functional   Principal Component Analysis