Xiangyu Zheng

Xiangyu Zheng  

    • Peking University,Guanghua School of Management

            Ph.D. candidate                2017.9 – Present

    • Beijing Normal University,School of Mathematical Sciences

            B.S. in Statistics                2013.9 – 2017.7


    Research Interests

    • Causal Inference, Causal Learning for O.O.D., Tree-Based machine learning methods, Environmental Statistics.


    • Zheng X. and Chen S. X. (2019). Partitioning Structure Learning for Segmented Linear Regression Trees. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeuIPS 2019)

    • Zheng, X., Guo, B., He, J., & Chen, S. X. (2021). Effects of Corona Virus Disease-19 Control Measures on Air Quality in North China. Environmetrics.

    • Chen S. X. & Zheng, X., (2021). Discussion on “The timing and effectiveness of implementing mild interventions of COVID-19 via a synthetic control method”. Statistics and Its Inference

    • Sun, X., Wu, B., Zheng, X., Liu, C., Chen, W., Qin, T., & Liu, T. Y. (2021). Recovering Latent Causal Factor for Generalization. Accepted by NeurIPS 2021

    Working Papers

    • Zheng, X., & Chen, S. X. Dynamic Synthetic Control Method for Evaluating Dynamic Effects of Policy Intervention. under review.

    • Zheng, X., Sun, X., Chen, W., & Liu, T. Y., Causally Invariant Predictor with shift-robustness. in revision.